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7.1.1 Overview

7.1.2 How it assists

Types of housing assistance – contributions and choices

  1. This table sets out the types of housing assistance an eligible member may get. The member may also have to contribute towards the cost.

    Housing assistance



    Housing The Commonwealth makes available living-in accommodation and Service residences for a member to occupy.
    Temporary accommodation allowance A member who cannot live in suitable accommodation for a short time may be given an allowance to pay for a stay in a serviced apartment or hotel.
    Rent allowance A member who lives in a rented home may be able to get an allowance to assist with the rent.
    Meal costs A member who has to live in may be provided with meals in the mess.
    Some members who live out may be given an allowance to pay for meals.
    Utility costs The Commonwealth may pay part of the cost of utilities, such as water, gas and electricity.
  2. Housing assistance does not provide all the cost of the housing, meals and utilities. The member may have to pay some of the cost. The payment is called a contribution. In some cases, the contribution is reduced or not charged to the member.


Pay and conditions manual

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