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7.3.26 Purpose

7.3.27 Purchasing land


Example: A member purchases a block of land three years into their posting at a location. They build a house and move into it eighteen months later, or 4.5 years into their posting. They qualify for reimbursement of the relevant costs of purchasing the land and building the house.

7.3.28 Specified locations


An eligible person cannot reasonably be expected to purchase a home in some specific locations in Australia. This is because of their remoteness and the quantity and standard of housing available in them. Members are normally provided housing in these locations.

7.3.29 Member returning to previous location


Example 1: 

A member is posted from Canberra to Adelaide. Before the posting the member was reimbursed for the costs of buying a home in Canberra. The member signs a contract to sell the Canberra home within the two-year sale period. The member is then posted back to Canberra.

As the contract to sell the Canberra home was signed before the written notice of posting back to Canberra, the member can be paid sale expenses.

Example 2: A member is posted from Melbourne to Canberra. Before the posting the member was reimbursed for the costs of buying a home in Melbourne. The member signs a contract to buy a Canberra home, and intends to sell her Melbourne one. However, the member is posted back to Melbourne before the Melbourne house is sold, but within the two-year sale period.

As the contract to buy the Canberra home was signed before the written notice of posting back to Melbourne, the member can be paid purchase and sale expenses for the Canberra home.

7.3.30 Reimbursement for sale on ceasing continuous full-time service or on a transition location agreement


In the total workforce model, continuous full-time service may be described as service in Service category 6 or 7. A member who is in Service category 3, 4 or 5 and Service option C is also on continuous full-time service.

7.3.31 Amounts and kinds of costs that may be reimbursed


Example: A member purchases with one other person. The HPSEA reimbursement will reflect the share of ownership. For example, equal shares would result in payment of 50% of the HPSEA amount.

7.3.32 Costs that may not be reimbursed


Example: Building materials.


Example: Council rates, utilities.


Examples of costs that may not be reimbursed are listed below. The list does not cover all possible costs of this kind.

  1. Soil reports.

  2. Site surveys before construction to set levels and positioning and similar matters.

  3. Owner-builder permits or licences.

  4. Workers compensation premiums or levies.

  5. Long service leave levies.

  6. Architectural fees for design or inspections.

  7. Local authority fees relating to construction.

  8. Building or other insurances.

  9. Pest control treatments, including under-slab treatments.

  10. Carpet and other home cleaning costs.

  11. House or contents insurance premiums.

  12. Yard or garden cleaning or maintenance services.

  13. Home inspection, architectural or engineering survey for future structural changes or renovation of existing premises. This is not the same as pre-purchase/sale inspections or survey of an existing home to determine its structural soundness.

  14. Costs of inspections carried out before selling to determine any treatments or repairs needed.Prospective purchasers would normal bear these costs.

  15. Utility connection fees.

  16. Council or local authority rates.

  17. TV antenna installation or realignment.

  18. Costs involved in the removal of a home by a home removalist.

  19. Swimming pool installation, inspections and treatments.

  20. Installation of water tanks in rural areas where the home is not connected to town water.

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