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3.4.1 Purpose

3.4.2 Overpayment


Example: If the member received vehicle allowance, travelling allowance, or used a travel card in advance and they do not undertake the travel, they must repay the whole amount. If the travel is shorter than expected, they must repay the excess part of the allowance.


Example: A member received a promotion but was paid a higher salary from an incorrect date. They were not notified of the error until after 1 July. The member repays the gross amount either in full or by instalments, by arranging for a reduction in their gross salary.

Note: If a member repays their overpaid salary amount by instalments, a loan fringe benefit may arise.

3.4.3 Recovery of overpayment


Chapter 9 of FINMAN 5 set out the procedures for dealing with overpayments.

Pay and conditions manual

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