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5.5.8 Long service leave entitlement


Credit is not given for part years of accrued service.


Example: Within one year of accrued service a member was on a flexible service determination for three months, followed by six months not on a flexible service determination, followed by another 2 months on a flexible service determination.

The member's long service leave credit for the year is the credit earnt for each period added together.


Example: 1 March - 1 May = 92 days in the period


Example: A member works a full day of duty on Monday and Tuesday and three hours of duty on Wednesday. The number of hours for the week is 19 hours.

5.5.9 Eligibility to take leave


The approved forms for long service leave are as as follows.

1. PMKeYS.

2. If PMKeYS is not available, form AF088 - Application for leave.

5.5.10 Taking leave and long service leave credits

5.5.12 Re-credit of long service leave

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