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This Division covers the conditions of service for a member during deployment for service on warlike operations for less than six months.

Deployment allowance

  1. Deployment allowance is paid during deployment on warlike operations. Its purpose is to recognise the military and environmental hazards a member may experience.

  2. The deployment allowance rate is based on the threat levels assessed by the Minister for military threats and environmental hazards in the operational area. In deciding the threat levels, the Minister must consider a range of criteria about the operational situation and environmental conditions.

  3. In one operational area, there may be different deployment allowance rates for different locations.

  4. Deployment allowance is payable for a period specified in Part 7 Division 1 section 17.7.8.

  5. Deployment allowance has these features.

    1. It is exempt from income tax instalments.

    2. It is exempt for Family Tax Benefit purposes.

    3. It is assessable income for social security purposes.

Exception: Deployment allowance is not assessable for members of the Reserve Forces.

Note: In the total workforce model, a member of the Reserves may be described as a member in Service category 2, 3, 4 or 5.

Other allowances that may be payable


A member getting deployment allowance may be entitled to some of these other allowances in the following situations.

Item Allowance Additional information
1. Separation allowance If applicable, separation allowance may be payable.
2. Hardship allowance Hardship allowance is not payable at the same time as deployment allowance. However, the member may be entitled to hardship allowance on any day the member is not entitled to deployment allowance.
3. Travel costs Travel costs are only payable to a member on any day the member has to pay for their own meals while on deployment.

Contributions to accommodation and meals


A member is not required to contribute for accommodation and meal expenses while on warlike deployment.

Additional leave accrual

  1. While on deployment a member accrues leave in addition to basic recreation leave. This table lists each type of leave that can accrue during deployment and describes how it accrues.

    Leave accrual
    Item Type of leave Accrual method
    1. Additional recreation leave (for field, seagoing and flying service) Accrued under normal provisions.
    2. War service leave Allows members to recuperate from warlike service.
    Accrues on a pro-rata basis for each day of service in the operational area, up to a maximum of 18 days a year.
    War service leave is taken immediately on return to Australia and before other types of leave.
    Payment instead of war service leave is available if for Service reasons, the leave cannot be granted.
  2. Members on warlike deployment are not granted extra recreation leave. This type of leave can be granted when other forms of absences from duty, leave and remuneration have not been awarded. As a member deployed on warlike operations gets deployment allowance and war service leave, extra recreation leave is not granted for the same period.

Relief out-of-country travel fare assistance


A member is not eligible for relief out-of-country travel fare assistance when on deployment for less than six months.



The Lead Joint Command or Joint Logistics Command will apply mail and telephone provisions separately for each deployment.



The Operational Service Medal may be awarded for warlike service.

Pay and conditions manual


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