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3.2.47A Purpose

3.2.47B Definitions

3.2.47C Member this Division does not apply to

3.2.47D Increment placement – general

3.2.47E Entry placement – member who is an aviation specialist

3.2.47F Entry placement – Other Rank member transfers to the Officer Aviation Pay Structure

3.2.47G Entry placement – Navy Aviation Officers

3.2.47H Entry placement – Army Aviation Officers - Generalist pathway

3.2.47I Entry placement – Army Aviation Officers – Specialist pathway without previous command appointment

3.2.47J Entry placement – Army Aviation Officers – Specialist pathway with previous command appointment

3.2.47K Entry placement - Air Force member who is not an aviation specialist

3.2.47L Entry placement – Officer transferring from other salary structures

3.2.47M Entry placement - CDF discretions

3.2.47N Increment placement – Navy Sub Lieutenant and Lieutenant

3.2.47O Increment on promotion

3.2.47P Increment on Command appointment – Navy and Army

3.2.47Q Increment on rank reduction

3.2.47R Increment on loss of Command appointment

3.2.47S Increment advancement

3.2.47T Increment on transfer between Services

3.2.47U Increment on transfer between pathways and competency streams

3.2.47V Increment on transfer between Army Generalist and Specialist pathways on promotion

Pay and conditions manual


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