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Members are to follow the travel policy in relation to the use of the Defence Travel card published on TravelConnect.

14.4.4 International best fare

14.4.5 Travel benefit


Director Defence Print and Travel Services approved routes.


Members and dependants who are eligible for travel costs under this section may be eligible under section 14.4.8.

14.4.6 Travel costs

14.4.7 Class of air travel for long-term posting

14.4.8 Alternative travel modes and routes


Example: A member's business-class airfare costs under section 14.4.5 would have been AUD 10,000. The member is given approval to travel by an alternative route. The alternative airfare cost is AUD 15,000. The member must pay the extra AUD 5,000, and must travel by the business-class equivalent.

14.4.9 Travel by private vehicle

Pay and conditions manual


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