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8.7.1 Purpose

8.7.2 Definitions used in this Part

8.7.3 Persons who this Part applies to

8.7.4 Persons this Part does not apply to

8.7.5 When assistance under this Part ceases

8.7.5A Assistance for attendance at a briefing

8.7.6 Assistance with domestic travel


Example: The person lives in Perth and the Court of Inquiry is being held in Sydney.

8.7.7 Assistance with accommodation


Example 1: The person uses a walking stick and the accommodation is a 15 minute walk from the venue of the Court of Inquiry. The person may be provided with a cab charge voucher.

Example 2: There are a number of people attending the Court of Inquiry staying in accommodation that is a 30 minute walk from the venue of the Court of Inquiry. The Commonwealth may provide a shuttle bus.

8.7.8 Assistance with meals


Example for Item 1: Lunch is provided at the Court of Inquiry venue. The person is not eligible for a payment for lunch even when they choose not to eat at the venue.

8.7.9 Assistance with incidental expenses

8.7.10 Assistance with resident family or child care

8.7.12 Accountability

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