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9.4.1 Overview



This Part includes the following Divisions.

Division 1 Recreation leave travel

Division 2 Pre-deployment leave travel

Division 3 Post-deployment travel

Division 4 Remote location leave travel

9.4.3 Nominated family


Note for item 4: A member of a couple might be categorised as a member who has no accompanied or unaccompanied resident family or recognised other persons in some situations (see Chapter 1 Part 3 Division 3).


Examples: Divorced parents, or children who live at different locations.

Note: If the member's nominated family normally live overseas, see section 9.4.14, Member with family overseas.


Example: The member's nominated family moves to another location. The nominated family is the same, but the destination for leave travel changes.

9.4.4 CDF approval of closest relative


Example: There is a long-term family dispute leading to a complete relationship breakdown.

Non-example: The member does not want to visit the relative. They prefer to visit a friend somewhere else.


Example: A grandparent who was the member's primary carer as a child.


Examples: An adoptive relationship, a guardianship, a foster parenting relationship.


Example: An uncle or guardian recognised by the Aboriginal community to which the member belongs.

9.4.4A Interaction with other travel and reunion benefits

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