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7.2.4 Purpose

7.2.5 Suitable own home


Example for Item 7: an elderly parent

Non-example: A member has a spouse, a 12 year old son and a six year old daughter. The member has a resident child carer. The member owns a three bedroom home in the posting location. The resident child carer is not considered as a factor when deciding whether a member's own home is suitable. The member's three- bedroom own home is considered suitable for the purpose of assessing eligibility for housing assistance.


Example: A member has six teenage children and a seven bedroom eligibility. They are posted to a very small town. There are no homes with seven bedrooms for rent or sale in the town. The only available Service residences have four bedrooms. The member buys a six-bedroom home. Two of the children share a room. The member would not be eligible for housing assistance at that location.

7.2.6 Own home bought with Defence assistance

7.2.7 No housing assistance for member who has a suitable own home

7.2.8 Member to give notice of home ownership at posting location

7.2.9 When a member's home is unsuitable

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