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6.1.20 Purpose

6.1.21 Pet relocation


Example 1: Costs of the services of a commercial provider of transport for pets. This includes hire of pet containers.

Example 2: Costs of the commercial boarding or kennelling of pets when the member is on temporary accommodation allowance in the former and new locations. This includes accommodation in a serviced apartment.

Example 3: Vet fees for sedating a pet when a vet or a transporter recommends sedation during transportation.


Non-Example: A member's brother is a licensed plumber and has an Australian Business Number. The member's brother offers to transport the member's dog to the new housing benefit location for $100. The cost of relocating the dog will not be reimbursed to the member because his brother's business is not transporting or boarding household pets.

6.1.22 When costs may be reimbursed – member posted overseas

6.1.23 Limitations on pet relocations

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