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14A.1.9 Person this Division applies to

14A.1.10 Ongoing accommodation in Australia

14A.1.11 Accommodation limits and contributions

14A.1.11A Furniture and household items


Own home is defined in section 7.1.14.

14A.1.12 Larder establishment payment

14A.1.14 Storage in the overseas location

14A.1.15 Pets remaining in a overseas location

14A.1.16 Overseas living allowances - member in Australia

14A.1.17 Location allowance – member in Australia

14A.1.17A Location allowance – member in Australia

14A.1.18 Education assistance

14A.1.19 Additional benefits

14A.1.19A Temporary duty in Australia

Pay and conditions manual

Visit the Afghanistan Inquiry website for information and welfare support regarding The Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force’s (IGADF) Afghanistan Inquiry.