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15.3.6 Purpose

15.3.7 Public transport


Example: The member used public transport to travel to and from work on 220 days between 1 March and the following 28 February.

As 213 days is the maximum number of days, any days over that figure are not counted. The member's public transport costs for the year were AUD 1,550.00.

The formula to calculate the members excess public transport costs is as follows:

excess costs = 1,550 – ((213 ÷ 213) x 1,371.70)

The member may be reimbursed AUD 178.30.

15.3.8 Private vehicle


Example: A member is on posting in Shrivenham, UK. In a 2.0 litre engine vehicle, they make a 70 km daily return trip. Vehicle allowance within Australia is AUD 0.71 a km for that vehicle. The exchange rate used is 0.40. This table shows how to work out the excess commuting costs (the figures used for this example are not current).




Convert the within-Australia rate of vehicle allowance to local currency. AUD 0.71 x 0.40 = GBP 0.28 per km.


Subtract 30 km from the daily return distance the member travels. 70 - 30 = 40 km.


Multiply the result of step 1 by the result of step 2. 40 km x GBP 0.28 per km = GBP 11.20 a day.

Excess commuting costs

15.3.9 Public transport and private vehicle combined

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