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7.4.24 Contribution for living-in accommodation


Example: A member whose marriage breaks down may be permitted to live in while they work out arrangements for reconciliation or final separation. They would pay the higher rate of contribution as if they were a member on leave without pay in section 7.4.27, as they already have subsidised accommodation or an own home.

Non-example: A member does not pay a living-in contribution while on temporary duty outside their posting location.


In these situations, the Commonwealth pays the accommodation provider for the cost of the member's accommodation.

7.4.25 Contribution if accommodation is not at level for a member's rank group


Example: A room is classified as senior non-commissioned officer Level 3.

  1. If a Warrant Officer occupies it, the contribution is the one for senior non­commissioned officer Level 3.

  2. If a Corporal occupies it, the contribution is the one for other rank Level 3.

  3. If a Major occupies it, the contribution is the one for senior non-commissioned officer Level 3.

7.4.27 Member on leave without pay

7.4.27A Member on a flexible service determination

7.4.27B Member with dependants (unaccompanied) on a flexible service determination

7.4.27C If a flexible service determination ends early

7.4.28 Contribution on change of rank

7.4.29 Higher contribution for single bedroom apartments – Homebush and North Strathfield

7.4.30 When a licence to live in ends


Example for Item 4: A member does not return his key. The accommodation manager has a spare key, and is able to allocate the room to another member that night. The member is charged the cost of replacing the key.

Example for Item 5: A member does not return her key. The accommodation manager does not have a spare key, so cannot reallocate the room. The member is charged the contribution charge until the locksmith replaces the lock and key.

7.4.31 Failure to make contributions


Examples: The repair of non-fair wear and tear damage, or the cost of a replacement key to the accommodation.

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