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9.3.28 Purpose

9.3.29 Member this Division applies to

9.3.30 Reunion travel credits — general

9.3.31 Reunion travel credits — member on a flexible service determination

9.3.32 Crediting and expiry of reunion travel credits

9.3.33 Benefit for each reunion travel credit

9.3.33AA Additional benefits for each reunion travel credit - COVID-19

9.3.33A Using reunion travel credits


Note: A member does not need leave approved for their dependants to travel to the member's location if the member is not going to be absent from duty.


Note: The member is expected to use the free time for the purpose of reuniting with their family.


Note: Section 9.4.4A limits the number of recreation leave travel, reunion travel, and remote location leave travel trips to a combined total of seven in a 12 month period.

9.3.33B Using multiple reunion travel credits

Pay and conditions manual

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