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6.5.65 Purpose

6.5.66 Marriage planned or common household started before posting

6.5.67 Removal after posting authority issued

6.5.68 Removal from outside housing benefit location

6.5.69 Removal from outside Australia

6.5.70 Removal of child's effects

6.5.71 Removal eligibility on next posting

6.5.72 Member's home not suitable to house additional resident family or recognised other persons



  1. A member without resident family is occupying a shared rent allowance residence. The member has a child. The member is offered a Service residence and is eligible for a removal to the Service residence.

  2. A member living in a two bedroom rental home marries. The member's recognised partner has two children. The member's residence is unsuitable because it does not meet the number of bedroom requirements. The member is eligible for a removal to a suitable residence.

  3. A member lives in a one bedroom apartment. The member wants to form a household with a de facto partner. The apartment is taken to be suitable because it has enough bedrooms to house the couple. They are therefore not eligible for a removal.

Note: The criteria for suitable housing may change depending on the type of housing the member is in. For example, a Service residence, rented home, living-in accommodation etc.

6.5.73 Removal only granted once on the recognition of the same relationship


Example: A member may take a removal when they bring their partner to Australia. They are not eligible for another removal under this Division if they later marry.

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