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7.6.40 Overview


A contribution is the amount a member must pay toward the cost of their Service residence or rent band choice home. It is paid through the member's pay account.


Examples: Stairwell cleaning, high-rise window cleaning.

7.6.41 Contribution for Service residence or rent band choice home


Example: A member's contribution is reduced by CDF by one rank group because the garage of their apartment complex is flooded and cannot be used for two months.

Non-example: The member's yard floods because they have failed to replace a leaky tap washer. The CDF does not grant a reduction in contribution, as the member's neglect caused the loss.

7.6.42 Suspended contributions for a member without dependants


For table item 4, the list of deployments approved by the Minister is available in Annex 17.1.A.

7.6.43 Higher contribution scheme, above rank group

7.6.44 Contribution for a home chosen at a lower rank group's rent band or amenity group

7.6.45 Member allocated a Service residence above their rank group

7.6.46 Member allocated a Service residence below their rank group

7.6.47 Allocation above or below rank group eligibility – fast find table

7.6.48 Member promoted or commissioned


Example: A Flight Sergeant commissions as a Flying Officer and their rank group eligibility would normally change from rent band 2 (or B2) to rent band 1 (or B1). Instead, the member keeps their eligibility for a rent band 2 Service residence and stays in their home, making the same contribution.

7.6.49 Member reduced in rank

7.6.50 Member on leave without pay

7.6.52 Member undergoing training

7.6.53 Service residence reclassified

7.6.54 Contribution for member dependants

7.6.55A Contribution for member on a flexible service determination

7.6.55B Member with dependants (unaccompanied) on a flexible service determination

7.6.55C If a flexible service determination ends early

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