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12.3.1 Definitions


The hardship location grades will be reviewed annually and can be found on the Defence Protected Network at https://objective/id:BN70506377.


This includes a mission, appointment, station or place in a country overseas.


A member could be unaccompanied for one of these reasons.

  1. The member does not have dependants.

  2. The member informs the Overseas Administration Team in writing that they will be unaccompanied at the post.

  3. The member is required to be unaccompanied at the post for one of these reasons.

    1. Hardship.

    2. Safety.

    3. The long-term posting is too short to justify a removal.

  4. The member ceases to be an accompanied member while at the post.

12.3.2 Accompanied member



  1. A partner who lives with the member at the posting location for 12 months.

  2. A partner who lives at the posting location for more than six months, and the CDF has approved the period under subsection

12.3.3 Allowable travel cost


Example: The CDF might authorise a higher class of travel for a young child travelling alone to certain locations, on the ground that economy class does not provide suitable security.

12.3.5 Dependant


Example: Advice from the financial manager in the member's Group about the cost impact on the Group's budget of fares, removals, storage, health care.

12.3.9 Long-term posting overseas

12.3.14A Post index


The post index rates will be updated fortnightly and can be found on the Defence Protected Network at https://objective/id:AB32269086.


Deputy Secretary Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group has provided enduring direction for the Defence Attaché, the Assistant Defence Attaché and the First Secretary Defence to the Permanent Mission of Australia to the United Nations New York to reside on Manhattan Island, USA. Future incumbents of these positions should seek advice from the Directorate of Attaché and Overseas Management to discuss the implications of this direction.

12.3.16 Posting period overseas

12.3.16B Secretary – APS only

12.3.17A Senior Executive Service employee – APS only

12.3.18 Short-term duty overseas

12.3.19 Time zone hour

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