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7.8.8 Purpose

7.8.9 Rent ceilings – living in rental accommodation


Example: A member is eligible for 5 bedrooms. The member's rent ceiling is the rate for 3 bedrooms increase by 20 percent (10% for each of the 2 bedrooms above 3).

7.8.10 Rent ceilings – member living in rental accommodation with no resident family or recognised other persons

5. Sharing with four or more people.

Annex 7.E Part 1 plus 10% of that amount for each extra room.

Then divide that total by the number of residents to work out the member's rent ceiling.

Example: If there are five people in a five-bedroom house, take the 3-bedroom ceiling

and add 10% of that ceiling for each extra room. Then divide by five.

6. A tenant in a boarding house

Annex 7.E Part 2.3.

7. A tenant boarding in a private home.

Item 2, 3, 4 or 5 (whichever applies).

7.8.10A Rent ceiling for overlapping housing benefit locations

7.8.11 No rent ceiling set for location

7.8.11A Rent ceiling for certain members of the Navy

7.8.12 CDF may increase rent ceiling


Example: An international sporting event has caused a temporary surge in local housing market. Evidence of market rent change could be shown through newspaper advertisements, Real Estate Institute of Australia data and advice from local real estate agents.


Example: The member's child has cerebral palsy and needs a home with wheelchair access.

Non-example: A pet is not resident family. The rent ceiling would not be changed to help accommodate a pet.

7.8.13 Applications for a rent allowance ceiling increase

7.8.14 Member who cannot apply for increased rent ceiling

7.8.15 Increased rent ceiling – effect on rent allowance


Example: The decision-maker writes to the member to tell them they have decided to approve their application for an increase. The date of the letter is the date the new rent ceiling applies.


Example: Annex 7.E can be changed by a new determination under section 58B of the Defence Act 1903. The date of effect is stated in the determination.

7.8.16 Reduction in rent ceiling – effect on rent allowance

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