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5.4.21 Purpose

5.4.21A Member this Division does not apply to

5.4.22 Application to purchase recreation leave


The approved forms for purchasing recreation leave are as follows:

1. PMKeYs (ESS - My Pay - My ADF Pay - ADF Deduction Request - ADF PURCH LV).

2. If PMKeYs is not availaible, form AF145 - Request to Purchase Annual Leave (APS/ASD) or  Recreation Leave (ADF).



  1. A member's total recreation leave credit balance is 48 days. The 20 days of purchased recreation leave the member may purchase in a financial year is reduced by 8 days (the amount over 40). The maximum amount the member may purchase is 12 days (20 – 8).
  2. A member has purchased 20 days in the current financial year and wants to purchase more. The member has to wait until the next financial year.

5.4.23 Approval to purchase recreation leave


The discussion may include workforce planning issues. The member and supervisor might plan when the leave is to be taken so as to meet the member's needs without damaging capability. The member may consider whether they will use the leave before it expires.

5.4.24 Payment

5.4.25 Credit of purchased recreation leave


Example: A member chooses to purchase 96 hours of recreation leave, over 12 pays. The member is credited 8 hours of purchased recreation leave, at the same time the payment for those 8 hours is deducted from their pay, on each of the 12 paydays. The member is able to apply to use the leave as soon as it is credited.

5.4.26 Cancellation to the amount of purchased recreation leave

Pay and conditions manual


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