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A.1.1 Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal Determination No. 2 of 2017 – general

A.1.2 Members this Determination applies to

A.1.3 Administration of salary

A.1.4 Salary not payable

A.1.5 Salary for Reserve service


Example: A member who attends for duty between six and 24 hours is entitled to one day’s pay. This applies even if members of the Reserves are normally required to work the same daily routine as members of the Permanent Forces in the same area. Note that the six hour duty period (excluding meal breaks) is the minimum qualifying time for one day's Reserve salary, it is not the length of the Reserve working day.

A.1.6 Exercise of powers

A.1.7 Other matters

A.1.8 Contents

Pay and conditions manual


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