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9.3.48 Purpose

9.3.49 Overview


Examples: Short absence, recreation leave.

9.3.50 Who this Division does not apply to

9.3.52 Who may be visited


Example: A member's child is very seriously ill in another location. Both the member and their partner may be granted travel to be with the child, as they both qualify.


Non-example: Compassionate travel to visit a very seriously ill person.

This is an example of when it might not be appropriate to grant compassionate travel under subsections 1 and 2.

A member is on posting in Sydney. They travel to Perth on Defence business. While in Perth, their parent (who lives in Perth) suddenly becomes very seriously ill. The member asks for compassionate travel for their partner and child to travel from Sydney. However, their partner has no benefit for their parent-in-law. Also, because the member is already at the compassionate destination at Commonwealth expense, the member has no compassionate travel benefit to transfer to the child.

9.3.52A Attendance at memorial services - COVID-19

9.3.53 Exceptional reasons



  1. Owing to a financial setback, a bank is threatening to repossess the member's home.
  2. The family home has been destroyed in bushfire or cyclone. The family is safe but homeless.
  3. The member's child is a tertiary student suffering mental illness. The member's presence is required to receive advice from counsellors on how the child should be managed.
  4. The boarding arrangements for a school-age child break down and new arrangements need to be made immediately. Either parent, but not both, could be provided compassionate travel (and leave for the member).
  5. The member's partner or child has been subjected to an episode of domestic violence, including significant injury, by another family member.


  1. The member is on deployment. Their unoccupied flat is burgled and vandalised. The flat is safe and has been secured by the landlord. There are no compassionate circumstances.
  2. The member is a sole parent and has to go into hospital. There is no travel benefit available to transfer to another parent to provide childcare, because the member is already at the compassionate location. Childcare is not a compassionate circumstance.
  3. Both parents are members away on duty, and wish to transport the children to and from the grandparents' home (or bring the grandparents to the member's home). There are no compassionate circumstances.

9.3.54 Eligibility of member's partner - extra conditions

9.3.55 Travel overseas

9.3.56 Compassionate travel and leave


Example: The member's parents' home has been destroyed in a bushfire. The parents are safe but homeless. The member is granted recreation leave, and compassionate travel to visit their parents.

9.3.57 Means of travel

9.3.58 Reimbursement of member's costs

9.3.59 Transfer of benefit

9.3.60 Children accompanying the member or partner

9.3.60A Additional benefits for compassionate travel - COVID-19

9.3.61 Other travel costs


Example: A member who works at Townsville is granted compassionate travel to visit their mother in Sydney. The member has no eligibility for travelling allowance, use of the Defence Travel Card, or to be given accommodation while they are away.

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