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5.4.30 Purpose

5.4.31 How leave may be taken

5.4.32 Taking recreation leave

5.4.33A Leave credits

5.4.34 Expiration of recreation leave credits ('leave lapsing')


Part 9 Division 4 only applies to the CDF, the VCDF and Service Chiefs.

5.4.35 Re-credit of recreation leave


Example: A member is on recreation leave and gets influenza. The doctor advises they are unfit for duty for three days. The member can be re-credited the working days that fall in that three-day period.

Non-example 1: A member attends a medical appointment to get a prescription refilled while on leave. This takes much less than 24 hours, and in that time the member is not unfit for duty. The member is not eligible to have their recreation leave re-credited.

Non-example 2: A member attends a fitness assessment while on leave. They are not ill, are not formally recalled from leave, and attend for only a short period. The member is not eligible to have their recreation leave re-credited.


Example 1: A member is recalled to duty for operational reasons. They are re-credited the recreation leave they did not take between the formal recall and the end of the leave period they would otherwise have taken.

Example 2: A member dies two weeks before they were due to return to duty from recreation leave. The two weeks of leave are re-credited so the member's entitlements can be paid to their estate.

5.4.36 Salary for recreation leave

5.4.37 Payment of allowances on recreation leave

5.4.38 Member seconded or attached for duty


Example: A member who is placed for a period as a resident medical officer at a civilian hospital.

5.4.39 How to apply for leave


The approved forms are as follows.

  1. PMKeYS.

  2. If PMKeYS is not available, form AF088 - Application for leave.

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