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6.5.3 Purpose

6.5.4 CDF approved removal

6.5.4A Member of the Reserves eligible for a removal

6.5.5 Members not eligible for a removal

6.5.6 When a member's adult dependant is also a member

Other benefits associated with removals

  1. A member and their dependants may be eligible for one or more of the benefits shown in this table when they are removed.

    Other benefits
    Item Benefit See
    1. A Service residence, living in or rent allowance Chapter 7 Part 1 Division 3 section 7.1.17
    2. Temporary accommodation allowance Chapter 7 Part 5 Division 1 section 7.5.6
    3. Disturbance allowance Chapter 6 Part 1 Division 1
    4. Travel, baggage and accommodation Chapter 9
    5. Sale (instead of removal) of vehicles, towable items, furniture or effects Chapter 6 Part 2
    6. Compensation for loss or damage to items removed or stored Chapter 6 Part 5 Division 2 section 9.5.9A
    7. Insurance for urgently required household items Chapter 6 Part 5 Division 2 section 9.5.12A
    8. Reimbursement of expenses for pet relocation Chapter 6 Part 1 Division 3
    9. Unpacking assistanceNote: This is only available to members who have a dependant with special needs, in limited circumstances. Chapter 8 Part 6 subsection, Special assistance during removal
  1. For benefits for a non-Service spouse or non-Service partner on relationship breakdown, see Division 10 of this Part.

Pay and conditions manual

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