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3.2.18 Purpose

3.2.18A Member this Division does not apply to

3.2.18B Definitions

3.2.19 Salary on enlistment or appointment

3.2.20 Salary on promotion – general

3.2.21 Salary on change of pay grade or specialist level



  1. An other rank member who becomes a Warrant Officer Class 1.

  2. An other rank member who is commissioned as an officer.

  3. An officer who is promoted to the rank of Brigadier or higher.

3.2.22 Salary on ceasing to be a specialist officer

3.2.23 Member with previous service – commencement salary


The CDF may have decided under the Defence Regulation that another rank is to be used as the equivalent rank. This will be done in writing.


Example: The member's service is recognised for the purpose of seniority in rank.


In the total workforce system, continuous full-time service may be described as service in Service category 6 or 7. A member who is in Service category 3, 4 or 5 who is also on Service option C is also on continuous full-time service.


Example 1: A member is appointed to a rank in January 2014 on direct transfer from the British Army. Three years previously, the member had a six-year break in service. The CDF ignores the service before that six-year break, when determining the member's commencement salary. The CDF does this because the break in service was more than five years.

Example 2: A member is appointed to a rank in January 2014 after a 12-month break from service. Before that break, they had served for two years from January 2011 to January 2013. Before that service, they had taken a break of 12 months after service of four years from 2006 to January 2010.

Break in service example
Jan 2006 Jan 2010 Jan 2011 Jan 2013 Jan 2014
4 years 12 months 2 years 12 months  
service break service break service

The CDF ignores the 2006-2010 service when determining commencement salary in January 2011. The CDF does this because the break in service was more than five years. The skills and qualifications for that rank in that earlier period are no longer adequate or applicable.

3.2.24 Recognition of service in the Reserves


In the total workforce system, the Permanent Force may be said to comprise members in Service categories 6 and 7. The Reserves may be said to comprise members in Service categories 2, 3, 4 and 5.


Example: A Captain in the Reserves has six years effective Reserve service and transfers to the Permanent Forces. The CDF considers the member's period and nature of service, and decides that it is equivalent to three years of continuous full-time service. The CDF could decide to place the member on the third salary increment for Captain in the pay schedules.

3.2.25 Salary – member undergoing recategorisation training

3.2.26 Salary rate for training – start and advancement dates


Example 1: A member's salary would normally increase to the next rate that is listed in the Schedule for the course on the commencement of a new year of the course, 1 January.

Example 2: If the member commences a new year of the course mid-year, then the date of change may be 1 July.

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