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4.4.11 Absence for temporary duty

4.4.12 On leave and returning to duty


Example for table item 1: A member receives ADF district allowance while posted to Darwin. The member is then posted to Sydney but the member's dependants remain in Darwin. The member goes on long service leave. The member continues to be paid ADF district allowance while the dependants remain in the remote location.

Non-example for table item 1: A member is posted to Darwin and receives ADF district allowance for this location. The member goes on long service leave and travels to Townsville. The member ceases to be eligible for ADF district allowance because they left the remote location where they are posted.

4.4.13 Payment when not on duty

4.4.14 Posting from one remote location to another remote location


Example: A member is posted to Townsville, and is then posted to Darwin. The member remains on the Townsville rate until the date the Darwin posting takes effect. This includes periods the member may have spent in transit.

4.4.15 Posting from a remote location to non-remote location

4.4.16 Member serving a period of detention

Pay and conditions manual

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