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Adventurous training instructor allowance

Airfield Defence Guards (annual proficiency bonus)

Army dental officer professional development scheme

Boarding party allowance

Clearance diver allowance

Diving allowance

Field allowance

Flying disability allowance

Former medical and dental officer refresher training

Health support allowance for members of the Reserves

Higher duties allowance

Infectious diseases payment for members of the Reserves

In-service medical officers refresher training assistance

Language allowance

Legal officer sessional fee

Maritime deployable support element allowance

Maritime disability allowance

Maritime sustainability allowance

Meal allowance

Medical residency additional salary

Officer Aviation remuneration structure allowance

Paratrooper allowance

Recruit instructor disability allowance

Recruit instructor sustainability allowance

Service police investigator plain clothes allowance

Special Forces disability allowance

Special Forces sustainability allowance

Submarine capability assurance payment

Submarine escape disability allowance

Trainee's dependant allowance

Training sustainment allowance

Unpredictable explosives allowance


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