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You may also get costs for travel to perform short-term duty in Australia.

Flights and accommodation

If you’re travelling in a group or you’re deploying on a peacetime operation or exercise, you’ll get an economy class ticket.  

Meals and incidentals

You won’t get meal allowance if you’re provided with a meal as part of your flight. This includes inflight meals on overseas flights.    

If you’re withdrawing cash, you can only take up to a week’s worth of your approved amount at a time. If your short-term duty is cut short or cancelled you may have to pay back any amount you’ve already withdrawn. 

If you go on recreation leave or long-service leave during your short-term duty, you’ll need to pay for your own meals and incidentals during your leave.

Rest periods


You can’t claim equipment costs if you’re on a long-term posting overseas and you return to Australia for short-term duty.



Emergency treatment

If you become seriously ill or injured overseas, Defence may arrange and pay for someone to visit you under the Australians Dangerously Ill Overseas Scheme (AUSDIL).

References in the pay and conditions manual (PACMAN)


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