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  1. This Part provides a summary of benefits a member with dependants may be eligible for within Australia.

  2. The information in this Part is a guide only. For full conditions, use the links to relevant chapters in this Manual.

  3. This Part does not deal with conditions assisting dependants of members serving overseas or on deployments. These conditions are set out in the Overseas Conditions of Service Volume.

  4. This Part deals only with conditions of service that are described in this Manual. For enquiries about other matters, telephone the Defence Service Centre on 1800 333 362.

Income support


Trainee's dependant allowance supplements salary for some members with dependants while the member is in initial training.



Members and dependants are eligible for assistance when they are posted from one location to another. This table outlines some benefits available.

Relocation benefits
Item Benefit What may be offered
1. Removal and storage Arrangements to move household items to a new location.
Example: A member is posted for longer than 6 months to a new location.
2. Disturbance allowance An allowance to compensate for costs of removal not covered in other ways.
Example: Disturbance allowance assists with various costs such as telephone connections at the new location.
3. Childcare assistance A payment to cover up to 2 days' childcare when moving. The amount is capped.
4. Sale and purchase of home expenses Payment of some costs associated with selling and buying a home.
Example: Agents' fees, conveyancing fees.
5. Separation allowance An allowance to assist with costs when prevented from living in the family home for Service reasons.
Example: Assistance with the cost of lawn mowing or phone calls to dependants.
6. Home purchase assistance

Lump sum payment to assist with the cost of buying a first home, on a posting of at least 12 months.


Housing assistance


Housing assistance is provided for eligible members and their dependants. This table outlines some benefits available.

Housing benefit
Item Benefit What may be offered
1. Temporary accommodation allowance An allowance paid to assist with the cost of temporary accommodation.
Example: Motel-style accommodation may be necessary when packing up, or waiting to move into permanent accommodation.
2. Service residences A subsidised house or apartment that Defence provides to members with dependants at most posting locations.
3. Rent allowance A subsidy to assist with the cost of renting in the private rental market where a service residence is not available.
4. House hunting trips Travel, accommodation, meals and hire car to look for a house in a new location. This is limited to members who receive housing assistance.
5. Special needs – pre-posting benefits Travel and accommodation to find out about assistance for dependants with special needs at a new posting location.



Additional payments may be available to assist with education costs. This table outlines some benefits available.

Education benefits
Item Benefit What may be offered
1. Education costs Payment to assist with extra tuition of a child having educational problems at the new location. Payment to assist with boarding and tuition costs for children at school at another location.
2. Accommodation costs – tertiary students Assistance with accommodation costs for children studying a tertiary course at another location.
3. Loss of child's scholarship Reimbursement of school fees and textbooks to the value of a scholarship lost at the old location.



Members and dependants are assisted to travel for a variety of reasons. This table outlines some travel benefits available.

Travel benefits
Item Benefit What may be offered
1. Posting travel Travel, accommodation and meal costs for members and dependants travelling to a new posting location.
2. Reunion travel Travel back to dependants when separated from them on long periods of duty or posting.
3. Compassionate travel Travel for a member, the member's spouse or the member's interdependent partner to visit the location of certain family members who are seriously ill or have died.
4. Travel for special medical or dental reasons Travel costs for a dependant at a remote location to receive special medical or dental treatment. The treatment must not be available at the remote location.
5. Remote location leave travel Travel for member and accompanying dependants to have a break from a remote post. This can be reversed to bring extended family to visit the remote location.
6. Travel to take up residence Travel for a member's new spouse or interdependent partner and dependants to take up residence with the member on marriage or recognition of partnership.
Members who gain dependants in other ways are not entitled to any assistance to take up residence under Chapters 1 to 17.



Members can apply for special kinds of leave to help dependants. This table outlines some leave benefits available.

Leave benefits
Item Benefit What may be offered
1. Maternity leave Leave with and without pay for a member to give birth and care for a newborn child.
2. Parental leave Leave with and without pay to be the carer of a newborn or adopted child.
3. Compassionate leave Leave to deal with a family member who is seriously ill or very seriously ill, or because of the death of a family member.
4. Carer's leave Leave to care for a sick dependant.
5. Leave without pay to accompany serving members on posting Leave without pay to be with a spouse or partner (who is also an ADF member) at their posting.

Benefits on injury or death of a member


Dependants may receive benefits if a member is injured or dies. This table outlines some benefits available.

Injury or death benefits
Item Benefit What may be offered
1. Payment of entitlements Payment of outstanding leave and other entitlements that would have been due to the member.
2. Compensation Compensation for spouse and children when a member suffers severe injury or death, under certain conditions.
3. Superannuation Death benefits administered by COMSUPER. Contact details are:
4. Bereavement payment A lump sum payment on the death of member.
5. Removal on death Arrangements for dependants to be moved to a location in Australia that the member's spouse or partner chooses, if the member dies.
6. Continued housing assistance Up to 6 months' housing assistance for dependants following the member's death.

Emergency support


Dependants may receive assistance during an emergency situation. This table outlines some benefits available.

Emergency support
Item Benefit What may be offered
1. Emergency support Short-term emergency support and services which the dependants may need during an emergency situation when a member is absent on duty.
2. Special accommodation for emergencies (SAFE) Short-term emergency accommodation and meals in extreme domestic crisis situations.

Special needs


Members may receive support during a posting when they have a recognised dependant with special needs. This table outlines some benefits available.

Special needs benefits
Item Benefit What may be offered
1. Pre-posting visits Pre-posting visits to allow a member to make arrangements for a special needs dependant at a new posting location.
2. Respite, personal care and therapy services Financial support for services when State or Territory assistance is not available or has a waiting period.
3. Equipment hire Financial support for the hire of equipment required for the care of a dependant with special needs.
4. Housing Assistance with special accommodation requirements.

Pay and conditions manual

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