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From DFRT Determination No. 11 of 2013

B.4.1 Purpose

B.4.2 Definitions


The current range of authorised adventurous training activities is shown in Part 1 of Annex 4.2.A at the end of this Part.

B.4.3 Member this allowance applies to

B.4.4 Conditions of eligibility


In order for the allowance to be payable, a qualified leader's authorisation must be in writing. A qualified leader must have received certification from an authorised person that the activity has been completed and the relevant detail entered in the member's unit adventurous training leader log book (Form AC 660), in the format shown in Part 3 of Annex 4.2.A at the end of this Part, before a payment can be made.

B.4.6 Rate of allowance

B.4.7 Interactions with other allowances


  1. A register to record the currency of unit adventurous training leader qualifications is to be maintained by the Adventurous Training Wing.

  2. A record of qualifications detailing the date the initial qualification was received and the dates of re-certification is to be maintained in the front of the unit adventurous training leader log book.

  3. A unit adventurous training leader's qualification is to be reviewed and re-certified by a certifying officer within the three years following initial qualification and not more than every three years after that.

  4. If authorised by a certifying officer, an extension of the review period may be granted for a period not exceeding the following.

    1. A further twelve months for backcountry skiing and alpine survival qualifications.

    2. A further six months for all other qualifications.

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