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From DFRT Determination No. 11 of 2013

B.13.1 Purpose

B.13.2 Definitions

B.13.3 Member this allowance applies to

B.13.4 Levels of hardship


Example for table item 1 extreme level of hardship: Living conditions are the furthest removed from the comforts of barracks or a normal household.

Example for table item 1 intermediate level of hardship: Fixed tentage (such as 11 feet x 11 feet or 3 metres x 3 metres) and also fixed 'camps' or huts which are deficient in standard (for example, do not protect from weather).

Example for table item 1 low level of hardship: Barracks.

Example for table item 6 extreme level of hardship: Fully tactical exercises would normally be in this category. At night, members would be required to carry out picket or sentry duty and operate radios.

B.13.5 Eligibility

B.13.8 Daily rate of allowance

B.13.9 Interactions with other allowances


Example: Special forces disability allowance under Division B.12.

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