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C.4.1 Purpose

C.4.2 Eligibility

C.4.3 Rate of allowance


Clarification of eligibility

An instructor must be either posted to, or providing temporary initial employment training (IET) instructor duties at a CDF designated Army IET school to be eligible for this allowance.

A non-commissioned officer is not eligible for training sustainment allowance (TSA) if they are posted to, or conducting temporary duty, at a school where their primary duties are based around their primary trade (examples include: Physical Training Instructor, Distribution Operator, Command Support Clerk etc).  They may have regular interactions with IETs but are primarily employed in their trade role.

A recruit instructor in receipt of recruit instructor disability or recruit instructor sustainability allowance is not permitted to receive TSA over the same period.

Joint Schools under command of Navy or Air Force – not eligible. TSA is restricted to Army Instructors posted to, or providing temporary duty at CDF designated Army IET schools as provided under section C.4.2. Joint schools under command of the Navy or Air Force, despite being staffed with Army instructors, are not eligible for TSA.

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